Policy Work

We advance policy to build an economy rooted in democracy and care.

In coalition with partner organizations, CED has taken on several policy initiatives to cultivate democracy in our economic systems.

Policy Work for Municipal Democracy

In Boston, MA we have organized for policies that enable residents to have collective power in municipal decision-making.

Charter Reform in Boston

From 2020 to 2021, we crafted and won Question 1, a Boston-wide ballot question that enables the participation of everyday residents in the City’s spending decisions through Participatory Budgeting. This was made possible through the reform of Boston’s city charter which expanded the powers of Boston city council and mandated community control over a portion of the city’s annual operating budget.

Participatory Budgeting Ordinance

In 2022 after voters passed Question 1, we worked with the City of Boston to craft an ordinance defining key aspects of the City’s new participatory budgeting effort. This ordinance ensured the implementation of an office of Participatory Budgeting within Boston City Hall as well as the appointment of a community led oversight board to oversee the design and implementation of this new process.

Policy Work for Worker Ownership and Power

With our coalition partners across MA, we won state support for worker-owned cooperatives. We’re also building toward democracy in corporations.

State Office for Worker Ownership

In 2022, in partnership with the COWOP Coalition, we won the creation of the Massachusetts Office Of Employee Ownership as a new state office to support worker-owned businesses.

Democratizing Corporations Brief

In 2023 we drafted a policy brief on democratizing corporations. We shared the vision behind it with other labor organizers at Umass Amherst’s Building Worker Power conference.

At CED, we use policy as a tool to enable the conditions we need for economic democracy to thrive and be sustained by the people.