About Us

Our Work

CED brings together stakeholders to democratize economic power. We organize and build local coalitions, creating new models of economic democracy while working trans-locally to strengthen the broader solidarity economy movement. CED also educates and inspires community organizers to build a world beyond racial capitalism, and we move funds to frontline organizations led by working class BIPOC communities.

Our Partners

We work in collaboration and deep partnership with grassroots groups who organize their communities to directly resist the harms of our current system and build a liberated future. This work isn’t possible without our accomplices who support this work including, technical assistant providers, lawyers, policy makers, funders and philanthropists.

Our Values

CED values compassion, cooperation, and collective participation deeply rooted in racial and economic justice and in opposition to racism, colonialism, classism and gender-based oppression. We value caring, equitable and sustainable relationships with the earth and each other.

We’re building a future beyond capitalism.
Let’s collaborate.