Coalition Organizing

We organize coalitions to build power and mobilize for democratic economies.

CED helps build collective governance and ownership in our communities, shifting power so that everyone can flourish. As we continue to move in coalition with partner organizations, we’ll build an economy rooted in democracy and care.

We catalyze local and regional coalitions.

Together we build and advance our vision for economic democracy. We strategize to expand the scope of this work across the movement ecosystem and nation as a whole.

COWOP Coalition​

The Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power (COWOP) is a statewide network that aims to bring together worker co-ops and developers, grassroots organizations and labor unions, and funders and investors to resource and coordinate the advancement of a worker ownership movement across Massachusetts.

Better Budget Alliance

The Better Budget Alliance is a grassroots coalition of community-based organizations and unions in Boston working to increase democratic control over the municipal budget. Since the passage of participatory budgeting (PB) through a ballot initiative that reformed Boston’s charter, the BBA has been organizing for a PB-process that advances racial and economic equity.

We partner with national coalitions.

We shift ownership and control to communities. By allying with grassroots organizations, we’re creating racially and economically just alternatives to capitalism.

New Economy Coalition

The New Economy Coalition is a membership-based network of over two hundred groups representing the solidarity economy movement in the United States. NEC supports a just transition from an extractive to a regenerative economy by building the scale and power of the solidarity economy movement in Black, Indigenous, and working class communities.

Rising Majority

Rising Majority is a coalition of BIPOC and multiracial justice organizations in the United States, convened out of the Movement for Black Lives in 2017. The aim of the Rising Majority coalition is to develop greater alignment and build collective power among organizations working in different arenas of struggle in order to fight against the threats of fascism and authoritarianism.

Our model is to work in coalition with base-building organizations on the ground.

CED helps build collective governance and ownership in our communities, shifting power to frontline residents so that everyone can flourish. We believe in the power of a resist-and-build strategy in which local grassroots organizing for matters of self-defense lead into and make space for economic democracy victories.