April 19, 2024

Spring into action with CED! Support our coalitions’ ongoing campaigns.

CED is jumping into this spring season with lots of new growth budding throughout our organization and within our projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

Transformation is underway as we anticipate new members joining our staff in the coming weeks. On the ground, our coalitions are driving campaigns to build a participatory democracy, advance racial and economic justice, and move money into the working class and communities of color.

We continue to collaborate with organizers, academics, funders, and other movement allies to build a world beyond capitalism.

Help Build Worker Ownership and Power in Massachusetts by Contacting your State Legislator.

At the end of February, the Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power launched a day of action to lobby Massachusetts State legislators to get funding support for the new state office, Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership. Read this article from the Bay State Banner to learn more about the day of action and navigate to CED’s Instagram for more coverage.

This budget season, we’re continuing the call on MA state legislators to support worker-owned cooperative businesses in the FY25 budget. With COWOP, we envision a world where workers are valued decision-makers with agency and ideas that get implemented in the workplace. Worker-owned coops are bringing this vision to life across MA by giving everyday people power over their work.

Worker-owned coops are on the rise and we need your help growing the sector! Use our easy email tool to tell your legislators to help strengthen workplace democracy.

Boston Residents: Help the Better Budget Alliance Ensure an Equitable Participatory Budgeting Process.

Participatory Budgeting gives everyday people in Boston real power over real money. The people deserve more than the city’s spare change, especially working class communities of color that have been historically disinvested. The people also deserve a process that advances racial and economic justice. To be truly progressive, Participatory Budgeting has to empower Bostonians from neighborhoods suffering from disinvestment to create, propose, and fund the priorities of our communities.

The Better Budget Alliance is calling on Mayor Wu to invest $40M in Participatory Budgeting for the people to decide where it goes. Join your neighbors in shaping the future of our communities by calling on Mayor Wu to invest in the people using the easy email form button below.

CED Dives Deep into Economic Transformation at the Next Economy Gathering.

The Next System Project is an initiative of The Democracy Collaborative which aims to address the systemic challenges the United States faces by bringing together interdisciplinary groups of researchers, theorists and activists to take bold action.

This past month, CED participated in the Next Systems Movement Lab to focus on economic inequality and explore economic alternatives to advance democracy and justice. The gathering brought together solidarity economy practitioners and academics to engage in questions of envisioning systemic transformation.

CED Attends the Boston Labor Conference: Building Worker Power and Relationships between Cooperatives and Unions.

The Center for Economic Democracy and the Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power (COWOP) sparked vital dialogue about worker power at the Boston Labor Conference this past weekend.

Aaron Tanaka, our Executive Director, presented a policy brief on democratizing the ownership, governance and management of large corporations. It was a visionary presentation about cultivating the agency of workers.

The COWOP coalition – including worker-owners from Democracy Brewing, Circus Coop Cafe, and Worx Printing – also participated in a panel, catalyzing key discussions about the strategic relationships between unions and cooperatives in the liberation of working people.

CED Journeys to New Orleans for the 2024 Rising Majority Member Assembly: We Demand Homes for All.

Right to the City is a national alliance of almost 100 organizations working to build grassroots power across sectors and create more democratic and sustainable communities. This past month, CED staff joined other Right to the City Alliance members from across the country for the #OurHomesOurFutures 2024 Member Assembly.

There, we participated in rich discussion with close partners and built relationships with new groups to strategize about ways in which frontline communities could leverage capital and funding solutions to advance the Homes for All campaign.

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